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Travel through the world. Discover another culture. Learn another language and about being independent and more

Home Service

A new generation of cleaning and restoration concepts.
Your home is in good hands.We work hard so you don’t have to

Family service

Children are more receptive to learning, and less shy about participating, when it’s presented to them as a group adventure..

Travel Assistant

Personal Travel Assistant will assist with: security; ground transportation; all logistics to ensure a safe and stress free journey..

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Recent Candidates

  • Au pairs, Garde d'enfant
  • Posted 11 mois ago
  • Assistant personel, Au pairs, Garde d'enfant, Housekeeper/ femme de ménage, Nanny
  • Posted 1 année ago
  • Femme de ménages, Nanny
  • Posted 1 année ago
  • Femme de ménages, Housekeeper/ femme de ménage
  • Posted 1 année ago
  • Femme de ménages
  • Posted 1 année ago
  • Housekeeper/ femme de ménage, Nanny
  • Balbala (C. Luxembourg )
  • Posted 1 année ago

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